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I think I just crapped my shorts.

I’m antisocial by nature and trying to get me involved in activities is much like attempting to coax the Elephant Man from a plastic surgery clinic – high difficulty factor, people.

But I nearly crapped my shorts when Aaron Graham gave me a shout out this week, bestowing upon me the Versatile Blogger award (along with 14 other chuffed little spaghetti blogs). Thanks muchly Aaron for the props and traffic.

It was well worth the bleach (refer aforementioned shorts); and it’s a fun way to show the lurve whilst discovering new blogs in the process (which is why the disfigured hermit in me was sufficiently encouraged to respond).

award obligations, fine print:

  • Thank the bestower of the award (check);
  • List seven random things about myself;
  • Pay it forward to 15 blogs I like (thus notifying them of said award).

seven randoms … about the wuc

  1. My eyebrows are like well-to-do caterpillars;
  2. I think Kate could have fit Leonardo on that door;
  3. It’s quite possible I have man hands;
  4. Fake tan makes me look like a psychotic tiger;
  5. I think politicians are as useful as an anti-itch cream in dry heat;
  6. Instead of a girl scream, I have a gruff shout (much like an old man, mid-Heimlich);
  7. I aspire to be jaunty (like a puppy wearing a waistcoat, and smoking a Cuban).

So to pass the torch (I’ve only had it for two days, man) to The Ten with whom I share an affinity (sorry, I couldn’t quite get to fifteen).

To these peeps I say, thanks for the enabling me to momentarily leave my life (like a car with the engine running and door ajar) to sneak into yours. As you pry this award from my fingers (like a fat kid forced to share his cake) allow me to say … well done, Old Bean!

and the Versatile Blogger goes to

  1. Runway Hippy
  2. The Observationlist NYC
  3. 101 Books
  4. Topiclessbar
  5. Ryan Peacock Photoblog
  6. I am awkward
  7. thecrazyworldofdating
  8. I am Mikey Shean
  9. Axis of Ego
  10. MB’s

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