the wuc bytes – anchorman

I love this movie as if it were a love child produced from an ill-fated yet delicious union with Robert Downey Jr. It makes me happy in my comedo bone.

It makes me want to grow a curly moustache and smoke a sea-captain pipe.

It makes me want to dance in long-johns painted with prancing puppies.

No, scratch that. I’d never fucking do that. Actually, I’d take a shotgun to whoever dances in long-johns painted with prancing puppies. Then I’d watch Anchorman, the corpse cooling beside me – a coffee table for my popcorn and soda.

“Boy, that escalated quickly.”

“It jumped up a notch.”

Published by the wuc

I'm a chick living in Australia, working for the man. I hate office work with a passion usually reserved for James Cameron, but somehow I ended up with a career behind a desk, stapling my forehead at random intervals.

50 thoughts on “the wuc bytes – anchorman

  1. Hilarious. I cruised on over to your blog after you liked a post of mine (Huge Thanks), and spent a good amount of time trying to remember where the “the arsonist has oddly shaped feet” quote came from, thinking something of such surrealist splendour could have only come from one of the literary greats. I had to google it, and realised that, indeed, it was.
    Kudos on the Wuccable Blog.

  2. Can you believe I’ve never seen this movie? I must remedy this!

    Also, I notice that you are reading Bird by Bird…I hear it’s amazing!

    1. Hey A. I concur, must remedy! It’s as wondrous as cotton-candy moutsache and ginger beer’d. (Bird by Bird is brilliant, by the. Highly recommend.)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Anchorman is my favorite comedy of all time! “What, you pooped in the refrigerator? AND you ate a whole wheel of cheese? How’d you do that? I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.”

      1. I just went back to look at my comment and realized it says I posted on August 1st. That is the benefit of visiting Australian blogs…I feel like I traveled forward in time :)

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