the wuc bytes – high anxiety

I love this movie like the most dogeared page of a well-travelled passport.

It remains one of my favourite holidays. A place my parents took me as a kid, intrinsically tied to my rapscallion youth and favourite laughs with my sibs. A place we’d revisit time and again, in person or phrenic photo, quoting the lines until they became ours first.

It was on this trip that I first met Madeline Kahn (who made me happy in my comedo bone, long before there was any Tina of blessed Fey); and the vested-uncle to my levity, Mel Brooks (aka dude who put farts on the map). And Brophy. My buddy Bro-phy. Good times.

About the wuc

I'm a chick living in Australia, working for the man. I hate office work with a passion usually reserved for James Cameron, but somehow I ended up with a career behind a desk, stapling my forehead at random intervals.

50 Responses to “the wuc bytes – high anxiety”

  1. I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’m just so close to my menstrual cycle that I could scream! Aragghhhh!”

    I love MADELINE KAHN! She lives on in her work and she is forever loved!

  2. I’m sorry – it’s unlisted…

  3. loved her. one of a kind.. favorite MK performances…frm Blazing Sadles doing the song “I’m Tired”… Going thru airport security with Mel Brooks in High Anxiety… Young Frankenstein, last scene in bed w/Frank. miss madeline. madeline is missed.

  4. You liked one of my blog posts AND you like my favourite movies. Your impeccable taste burns my soul. In a good way.

  5. love this film! oh to be young again..

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