Look to me in my eyeball.

Random thoughts which peppered my head today:

Love songs are like a tepid bath. They may start out warm and comforting; but really, you’re just languishing in crap.

Why is Sarah Silverman popular? I prefer silent Snoopy.

My average week is akin to Zallinger’s March of Progress, in reverse. Mondays, I’m a Darwinian dream. Come Friday, I’m hobo erectus.

If I ever make the sequel to Popeye, it’ll center around his older brother – Cockeye.

Gal Gunslinger reads and reveres serial killers. Red flag. Red flag. Stop right there! (To be said in Bourne baritone.)

I looked up ‘titillating’ in my thesaurus and the answer came back: venereal. Sounds about right.

If I were rich, I’d create an underwater movie theatre – where you’d get your dive on and watch the Life Aquatic, aquatically. There’d be a sushi snack bar, mermaids for ushers, and Usher as a mer-man (to be said like Zoolander).

I’ve decided to name my cleavage Fortitude Valley.

Published by the wuc

I'm a chick living in Australia, working for the man. I hate office work with a passion usually reserved for James Cameron, but somehow I ended up with a career behind a desk, stapling my forehead at random intervals.

57 thoughts on “Look to me in my eyeball.

  1. YOU are so funny I have to dig up the dregs, ashes, bits and bytes, whatever you prefer of the trial you have left here for my daily hit. I am actually re-reading your penning – I don’t care about THEM!
    I am hooked, serve me with lemon sauce.
    Or call Scotland Yard and speak to one of those ladies with a Bakelite microphone hanging around her neck, straining to hear you on an ocean laid cable through headphones spoiling her new hair look.

      1. I do not cross myself while attending to hosiery thank you, and it is my pleasure reading your jammed filters.
        Name’s Dave
        Hope you OK, oh yeah and hope you nailed that cowboy?

  2. Way back in June you visited my site, and I’m just finding the bread crumbs back to this wuccy site (ok, the electro convulsive therapy fried a few neurons, so I’m a bit slow on the uptake–upchuck?). I look forward to more wucs.

    1. Sandy Sue, Sandy Sue. Pretty pretty pretty pretty Sandy Sue!

      Can’t believe my upchuck in June eventually brought you by the wuc (on New Year’s of all eves). Tres auspicious, wot.

      Electro-convulsive high (voltage) five?

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