Watch how good I fake it.

I met a beautiful man tonight. Beautiful in intelligence. Beautiful in eloquence. Beautiful in movie knowledge. Beautiful in spirit and garb. Ugly in unavailability. He was, quite simply: all that I have learned to live without. Like most taken men, they don’t realize the golden light they shine upon you which speaks of prose and […]

Tick. Tick, tick, tick … BOOM!

So I’ve been getting my Ace of Base on. In special needs repeat. This brings joo-joo joy because: I’m special needs I’m ooold (to be said like Joey Tribbiani) I’m instantly transported back to being 17 years old I’d just moved outta home into a stu-stu-studio with stained-glass windows and kitsch kitchen. Still in high […]

I’m Fred. I like tacos and ’71 Cabernet.

Random thoughts which peppered my head today: I hate it when movies purposefully pluck my heartstrings. Like fucking Beaches, with Hershey slowly succumbing at the fucken seashore. Pluck elsewhere, people. I made a new acquaintance today. He was bald and sweet, with a naïve view of the world. [Disclaimer: it was not a newborn baby.] […]

Pick that up and put it down properly!

I feel tumultuous. Like Gary Busey in high wind. Work has been insane in the membrane. Or for the less bombastic: totes nutsack. In the last fortnight, all hell don break loose (stopping just shy of my shorts catching fire with only vodka to put ’em out). Each morning, trying to wake myself to the […]