the wuc bytes – dodgeball

I think GP broke me. Not in a wild horse kinda way, understand. He aint the Wuc Whisperer, for cryin’. Nor, for the record, have I sunk to Bridget Jonesean lows (all by myself in earnest and epilepsy, my undies big enough to house a troupe of transient midgets). Neverthemore, lassy. Much like little lost LedgerContinue reading “the wuc bytes – dodgeball”

Throw me a frikkin bone here.

The dude who sits next to me at work burns my toast, I might’ve mentioned. It’s not just that he dresses like a Corky or watches me like a puppy waiting to be let out so he doesn’t crap on the carpet. It’s a little that and a little this: where other people have dysfunctionContinue reading “Throw me a frikkin bone here.”