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the wuc bytes – the matador

Point one, I’m obsessed with movies. Check!

Point two, with the exception of my resplendent family, I’m surrounded by movie heathens who are fucking clueless to my (many) cinematic references. It hurts me deep in my special place when I make golden, and I say golden, jokes (be it Goonies, Sixteen Candles or Scarface) and am met with scorn and contempt (aka blank stares and limp smiles).

I conclude that I’ll have to get my jollies all on my wucsome. Thus, I herald a new category designed to share my favourite movie moments with you – the wuc bytes.

Pause for warm joo-joo pleasure and a jaunty side-kick.

I start with The Matador. Pierce Brosnan is hilare. I saw this with my brother and after this scene, I remember him whispering (like a child seeing his father’s flaws for the first time):

“James Bond! What happened?” 


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