A wrecking ball… is something else entirely.

It’s come to this: I sit with a glass of red, my emotions in a rage. Love. Crippled hope. Fear. Futility. Exhaustion. Defeat. A daisy chain of disquiet. Tumultuous seas confined to the teacup that is my chest cavity. A kaleidoscopic sideshow only I am privy to. Yep, that about covers it. It’s the first emotionContinue reading “A wrecking ball… is something else entirely.”

today, I passed …

a woman colour co-ordinated with a passing taxi, a man who smelt like a nightclub, though strangely, not in a bad way, a group of school kids in a train station, complete in gray shorts and knee-high socks, a woman so thin, her legs were two straws, her kneecaps, blueberries sucked halfway up. thought. Prince CharlesContinue reading “today, I passed …”

Once Were Us

I saw a homeless woman today. She looked the closest to a cave woman I’ve ever seen any person look. Which isn’t meant derogatively, though I suppose it is by default. But objectively, isn’t that what a homeless person is? Someone who battles against the elements, fights to feed themselves every day and seeks shelterContinue reading “Once Were Us”

‘Bing bong binki binki bakalava?’ Cousin Larry

Cousin Larry, plainly put, is that relative who is a total chump. A complete boob, sap or sucker. The dolt. The guy with whom you wouldn’t associate under any circumstance, if not for the fact that the same blood runs through both your veins (or if it wasn’t in the family bylaws). He’s the chump who gets too drunk atContinue reading “‘Bing bong binki binki bakalava?’ Cousin Larry”