sunday stalker – the turtle (part one)

She reminded me of a turtle. Slow, purposeful, reclusive. Like she carried an invisible load on her back which made her move very slowly to bear its weight. A turtle is somewhat of an enigma – who knows what it does once tucked inside its shell for the night? What does it think, with suchContinue reading “sunday stalker – the turtle (part one)”

Give my best to your wishful thinking.

I feel a wealth of sadness today. I’m not sure why. If I had to guess, I’d say there is desire and futility battling it out in my chest, with defeat as the veracious victor. It’s maddening that the only kindred men I meet are unavailable. I suppose in the musical chairs of life, whereContinue reading “Give my best to your wishful thinking.”

Passing precipitation ‘n’ ponderment.

If the cousin to contentment, twice removed, had a love affair with the Byron of boredom, their offspring would be akin to my current mood. Moments of contentment flash by, like the brilliant white of lightning, before the ever familiar rumble of thunder follows. Sometimes. I have such a feeling of calm that it feelsContinue reading “Passing precipitation ‘n’ ponderment.”

Watch how good I fake it.

I met a beautiful man tonight. Beautiful in intelligence. Beautiful in eloquence. Beautiful in movie knowledge. Beautiful in spirit and garb. Ugly in unavailability. He was, quite simply: all that I have learned to live without. Like most taken men, they don’t realize the golden light they shine upon you which speaks of prose andContinue reading “Watch how good I fake it.”

Things I’d like to say to John Travolta …

Man, were you hot in Grease. (Lanky hot.) I’m sincerely sorry to hear about Jett. What’s with the black monkey toupée? Lighten up the charlatan shade – you look like the creepy dude Minnelli momentarily-married. My bro-in-law met you once, said you’re très nice and normal. Also, I don’t believe you flashed your twig ‘n’Continue reading “Things I’d like to say to John Travolta …”