Things I’d like to say to John Travolta …

Man, were you hot in Grease. (Lanky hot.) I’m sincerely sorry to hear about Jett. What’s with the black monkey toupée? Lighten up the charlatan shade – you look like the creepy dude Minnelli momentarily-married. My bro-in-law met you once, said you’re très nice and normal. Also, I don’t believe you flashed your twig ‘n’Continue reading “Things I’d like to say to John Travolta …”

Do that voodoo you do so well.

I feel happy today. Like a jelly bean after a lavish spa treatment. It aint a Disney day, understand. But my undies are nevertheless alive with the sound of Cusack. The factors to my blissful briefs (aka the pantaloon union) are thus: they’re clean Gay Prince is in da hizzie (whoop whoop) I’ve been offered aContinue reading “Do that voodoo you do so well.”

It’s so frikkin on right now – Act 2

We exit the mall, like Batman and Robin sans budget, jumping into a nearby taxi. The driver gives us the whatever once-over and we head to the club (which I hereby crown, Loserville) (just so I can stop calling it the fucking club). The chick on the door eyes our disguise. “Where’d you two comeContinue reading “It’s so frikkin on right now – Act 2”