Do that voodoo you do so well.

I feel happy today. Like a jelly bean after a lavish spa treatment. It aint a Disney day, understand. But my undies are nevertheless alive with the sound of Cusack. The factors to my blissful briefs (aka the pantaloon union) are thus: they’re clean Gay Prince is in da hizzie (whoop whoop) I’ve been offered aContinue reading “Do that voodoo you do so well.”

The human torch was denied a bank loan.

Random thoughts which peppered my head today: Being a wannabe Snoop Dogg, I once said to my dad: “word to your muther, yo.” To which he replied, “come to think of it, I do need to have a word to my mother.” Today in the lift, I missed my floor due to pondering Ryan Reynolds’Continue reading “The human torch was denied a bank loan.”

I’m ready for my close up, Mr De Mille.

Upon arriving home every day, I strip down faster than Gordy “leech-on-balls” Lachance (of Stand by Me lore). It’s over quicker than a superhero relay, my friends. Shoes, jewelry, clothes; everything in its place, pyjamas on. If you happened to be with me, as you turned to close the door (very well-mannered, thank you), you’dContinue reading “I’m ready for my close up, Mr De Mille.”