the wuc way

The Wuc Way © is a scale or measuring system for how funny something is.

Original to The Wuc, this vernacular was derived from the incomparable stand-up comic, Fozzie Bear and his famous catch phrase – “wucca wucca wucca” (spelling may vary).


Generally speaking, The Wuc Way is best used in written communication, by way of reply to comments or jokes. Whilst possible to use in day-to-day parlance (verbal discourse), it can be considered confusing or clunky to the untrained ear.

fundamentals of the wuc way:

wuc – noun: a joke or ‘funny’; plural: wucs (i.e., jokes);

wucs – verb: a chuckle, considered to be moderately funny;

wuccle – verb: a warm chuckle, a laugh with an embrace, a wucs with a cuddle;

wucca – verb: lazy laugh, asleep on the job, sluggish wucs;

major wucs – verb: majorly funny, as the name implies, this is a ‘graduated’ wucs;

wucca wucca wucca – verb: a ‘funny’ which deserves fanfare / the time taken to luxuriate in a full ‘wucca’;

I wuccer’d myself – verb: derived from common slang, “I pissed myself laughing”, to be used as the term implies;

wuc you / wuc off – verb: derived from profane use of the English language, this is considered to be a misuse of a wuc;

cracks – verb: a crack up, derived from the common slang, “that cracks me up”;

total cracks – verb: a full scale ‘crack’, often includes laughing out loud and guffaws;

crackers – verb: a “crazy funny”, simultaneously funny and crazy at the same time; can also be used as an adjective;

hilare – adjective: derived from the word ‘hilarious’, this denotes hilarity was had / that the adjoining noun was hilarious.

determining weight or accuracy

It is difficult to determine the exact weight of a joke or the appropriate wuc to give in reply. It should be noted that the success of any given wuc is determined by how well you know the other participant, and if they are acquainted with The Wuc Way (unlikely).


It is important to note that the above terminology should only be used when a joke or comment is considered worthy (i.e., an admirable comedic effort or one containing guffaws). The Wuc Way should not be used under any circumstances where a joke is considered to be subpar (i.e., inferior, bunk or in worst case scenarios, a dad joke).

Whilst there’s such thing as a ‘fake laugh’, by definition and existence – all wucs are legitimate in nature and there can be no ‘fake wucs’. In such cases, it is recommended that one reverts to usual modes of written laughter, such as LOL, ROFL or ROFLMAO.

Fozzie Leader
Fozzie Bear, Stand-Up Comic

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  1. Thanks for liking my story about Amy Winehouse, I love your blog and the Wuc way. Your job sounds like a TV show, maybe it could be one? I am glad to be part of the Wuciety.

  2. thanks for stopping by! i look forward to reading your witty stories and thoughts on a regular basis!

  3. Thanks for liking my post which led me to your blog. I love the breakdown of the wucs! This post made my day! =D

  4. I was led to your blog because you liked my post. Glad to be led here. Your posts are undoubtedly witty and hilarious. :D

  5. You are undoubtedly a genius and your blog is hilare! Any friend of Fozzie is a friend of mine! Thanks so much for liking my bear photo – on only day 3 of my own blog I am honoured.

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