who the wuc is coffee guy?

Coffee Guy is the dude who makes my morning java. Having ditched my usual bistro for lattes more tepid than Woody Allen’s undies, I came upon Coffee Guy like a mirage in the decaffeinated desert. He served coffee like he served me looks – pipin’ hot and ready to go.

He looks like a French mime corked before its recommended year – tall, dark and tattooed (with a distinct Ozzy Osbourne hum). He’s eccentric at best, maniacal at worse.

And has taken a shine. To me.

He breaks into song when I step up to the counter and recently, has enlisted the help of a yenta to make contact. [Yenta, being the lady who greets me each morning and contact, being the taking of said order.] She’s been on a steady campaign to charm my crusty socks off, cleverly eliciting intimate details which then make into conversations with Coffee Guy.

I may be delusional but if she aint his yenta, then she’s hittin’ on me, yo.

15 Responses to “who the wuc is coffee guy?”

  1. You got some funny chica. Can’t find your like button, but I like.

  2. What Kodilynn Calhoun said, yo!

    ‘Cept for I’m not worthy of a Wuc “Like” for one of my posts – your writing and humor are truly amazing! And ‘cept for I’m planting myself on the couch and reading all of your posts NOW (or at least until I have to get busy looking like I’m looking for a job when AA Hubby comes home for lunch).

    Sorry you’re not thrilled with your office job, but so glad you’ve got this creative outlet and are sharing your talent with the world!

    • Wow wuccles, thanks chick. You’re indeed amiable, Amiable; and are totally Wayne’s World (we’re not worthy!) right now. Which would make me Alice Cooper (wucca wucca and a withered Alice wucca).

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