who the wuc is gay prince?

Gay Prince is the randily handsome fellow who prances through my workplace, giving me romantic whiplash from time to time.

The first time I met him, I thought he was gay (mainly because he calls everyone darling). Turns out, ’twas a faulty gaydar reading; but it’s my theory that a man calls a woman darling when he’s booby bound in the singular (single woman, not boob), not in the plural.

Then, one day, he flashed his pearly whites in a drive-by flirting. They dazzled like the teeth of Disney’s Prince Charming (bing!) and my metaphoric head whipped back so quick, I was wearing a metaphoric neck brace for a metafucken week. A crush was born.

Since then, we’ve been doin’ the rain dance of lurve. Like a dodgy radio signal, he comes in and out with the promise of guest spots and prize giveaways.

Also known as: GP, Metro Prince and Fey Prince.

39 Responses to “who the wuc is gay prince?”

  1. Make my year wuc, you won the league last year on clear points, girl-difference had nothing to do with it, even though your goalscoring is ‘triffic and defence well, epee bearers can only admire.
    I think telepathic, electrostatic, binary luv is in order – x

    • Wuccadoodies, ‘beater. This is even more cryptic than my most kaleidoscopic of conclusions. Think I might need a sneaky cipher!

      • now you wake up? ……..please!

        • This time I aim to stay awake!

        • what time is it there? It is 2.30pm’ish in London UK, and great to read you again.
          …and this is a real kiss X for great words & sentances that light me up?
          Why? ‘cos I am a weirdoo too, doing things a different way because of the battle with my “condition”.

        • Blessed be the ‘beater, and hallowed be thy weirdo. It’s 11.34pm here and my brain is just beginning to fire on all it’s insomniatic pistons! (I should be asleep in around six hours) (as the Sciatica flies). Thanks for the real (and real time) smacker. Solidarity fist bump, my comrade.

  2. I nickname everyone, too. Love your writing. And your stories.

  3. Metro Prince sounds absolutely dee-lish, yo!

  4. I say cheers for the back story tabs and cast profiles… For a newly subscribed wucette these are incredibly useful. I love the way when you hover over a player indecisively a little hint of a taster appears. I’ve played with this wee widget for ten minutes now (I am simple of mind until the sixth cup of tea and first lungful of nicotine has kicked in) in an attempt to put off getting dressed and getting my arse to the station for a meeting I don’t want to go to.
    Your blog is a great way to procrastinate.
    Pleased to have found someone who swears as much as I. We’re a dying breed in this PC world. I could almost think about visiting Oz. Are there more anarchic wits like you down there.
    And thanks for dropping by my blog.
    See you soon

    • Hey LWW. So fucken happy you like the fucken cast profiles! It means a fucken lot, thanks man (helter-skelter wucs). Oz welcomes you with open anarchic arms, yo.

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