who the wuc is NASA?

NASA, my partner in crime, is impervious to heat, cold or nuclear fall-out.

You’ll often find NASA and me at Loserville (aka our favourite club). The bouncers and DJ give us the nod like rodeo favourites, our sometime metaphorical (one time literal) spurs clinking as we mosey across the dance floor, tipping our metaphorical (one time literal) hat.

If you could splice together every dance movie ever made, throw in epilepsy and partial blindness, you’d see how we rip that dance floor a new one come Friday nights. And NASA, upon hearing the opening refrain to I’ve Had The Time of my Life, will launch herself at the nearest chump in an attempt of The Lift. Sadly, they don’t always catch her in time.

16 Responses to “who the wuc is NASA?”

  1. ….why do I keep finding epileptic comrades ? Wherever I go the Nuerosurgeon’s disbelieved statistic of 1 in 30 becomes more concrete fact. From 3 minute “funny times” to full blown “thrashing seizures” or perhaps you found me? Did I mention my abnormality on me site?
    I do like the freedom of your english, bent in all cultural directions and sculpted with the reference of life’s experience, hey and how old are you……………. he he !!
    x (that’s for you not ‘im)

  2. infinite monkey theorem Reply August 26, 2011 at 05:56

    Space is not the final frontier, but traumatic brain injury could be. Settle for orbit NASA, the wormholes will live to fight another day…as will you!

  3. Great stuff, and all over the place. I love it.
    I was thinking you’d be fun to do free association with, but no need – I just need to pull up your page and I feel like we already are.

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